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Global Food Regulation Highlights | September 2022 In September of 2022, China released 18 GB standard drafts on food additives, including GB 2760. South Korea revised Health Functional Food Code. Japan released new requirements for imported organic agricultural products and organic livestock products. Indonesia proposed to amend the quality requirements for health supplements. EU promulgated its new regulation on food contact recycled plastics/recycled plastic FCMs. America revised the irradiation phytosanitary treatment of imported fruits and vegetables. Canada enabled the use of Pectin Lyase from Trichoderma reesei RF6199 in various foods. Australia revised the product standard for beverage.
Australia Revises the Product Standard for Beverage On Sep. 20, 2022, Australian government published announcement F2022C00910, which detailed the amendment to Standard 2.6.2 Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Brewed Soft Drinks under Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.
[Updated] Singapore Consults on Food (Amendment) Regulations 2022 In the mid of March 2022, Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced the proposed amendment to Food Regulations, which involves the deletion of product identity standards. This draft is tentatively targeted to become effective in the fourth quarter of 2022. Now it is seeking for feedback from WTO members until May 15
Japan Revises Labeling Requirements for Foods for Specified Health Uses The Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan issued No. 343 notification, stating that contents in Regarding Labeling Permission for Foods for Specified Health Uses were revised. According to the comparative table of the prior and amended article provisions, the application scope of re-permitted FOSHU, the marking requirement for mandatory labeling, and the application documents of FOSHU have been modified. The details of the revisions are as follows:
India to Rate the Health Level of Packaged Food with the New INR System On September 20, 2022, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) consulted on the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling & Display) Amendment Regulations, 2022. The revision mainly involves nutritional labelling, including the proposed Indian Nutrition Rating (INR). Any feedback shall be submitted within 60 days from September 20, 2022.
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