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CBEC Platform Tmall Global Released Interpretations for False Advertising of Health Supplements On Nov. 22, 2021, Tmall Global, China's major cross-border e-commence (CBEC) platform, released "Interpretations for False Advertising in the Healthcare Sector", which mainly targets the imported health supplement, in order to further crack down the violations and regulate chaos in the imported health supplement industry. Once the product information is regard as false advertising, the product information will be removed from the platform. In serious cases, Tmall Global may remove the product page and return the product. ChemLinked extracted five typical false advertising that stakeholders should avoid.
19 Types of Food are Exempted from Manufacturing License in Japan On November 18, 2021, Japan MHLW released an amendment for “Ordinance for Enforcement of the Food Sanitation Act”. According to the amendment, 19 types of foods are newly added as designated food, for which has no need to obtain a sealed packaged food manufacturing industry license.
South Korea Revises Health Functional Food Code (MFDS Notice No. 2021-95) MFDS updated Health Functional Food Code. It mainly modified the precautions of seven functional ingredients, enhanced the specifications of two raw materials, and updated test methods.
How to Cope with the Updated GB Standard for Pathogen Limit in Prepackaged Foods (GB 29921-2021) On Nov. 22, 2021, the updated GB standard for pathogen limit in prepackaged foods (GB 29921-2021) began to take effect. Compared with the old version (GB 29921-2013), several major revisions are made in the new version, which brings significant effect on food manufacturers. ChemLinked summarizes the new rules and changes, and provides suggestions for stakeholders to better adapt the updated version.
Overseas Manufacturer Registration Updates: GACC Launches the English Version of Food Enterprise Registration Platform On Nov. 25, 2021, GACC launched the English site of Import Food Enterprises Registration Platform.
South Korea Updates Food Additive Code (MFDS Notice No. 2021-94) MFDS updated Food Additive Code. The new regulaton revised the categories of “caramel color” and “glycerin esters of fatty acids”, clarified the specifications of concoction, permitted six additives in glucose, and established the flavoring’s usage standard.
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