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Chemlinked Food Portal has become the world’s most reliable voice on Chinese and AP region food regulatory affairs. With over 30,000 members and a steady stream of online traffic to our Chemlinked website we are the perfect choice to reach domestic and international companies, professionals and government bodies within the China and AP region.

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So far we have 30,000+ members and this number is growing rapidly. We are trusted by major international food enterprises, government bodies, NGOs and hundreds of small and medium sized enterprises to provide timely news on changes to market access, reliable interpretation of product compliance requirements, credible consultancy, invaluable regulatory tools to ease compliance, informative and updated regulatory database, translation services, webinars and expert advice. Our reputation for competency, efficiency and cost effectiveness has made us in a leading position and now we want to share our good reputation and authoritative industry position with our members and the rest of the food industry.

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