•   13 Mar 2014
  •    ChemLinked Reach24h

Food compliance consultation service
Chemlinked is more than information. It has always supported by a technical team behind to help solve the regulatory issues. Chemlinked together with REACH24H Consulting Group provide additional consulting service to provide tailor-made solutions if you find the general regulation information on Chemlinked cannot solve your specific problems.
How many consultation hours do I need?
Usually 2 consultation hours could solve a medium-level question. However, since the services is a tailor-made one and the real time depends on the complexity and the resources to be used to solve the problem. The result of the consultation could be delivered in several ways such as reports, telephone call etc.
How to procedure when I purchase the consultation hours?
Firstly, we suggest you to send your question first to food@chemlinked.com before purchasing the consultation hours. Then we will estimate the consultation hours to solve the question and ask for your confirmation. After you confirm the total hours, we will then start to work.
How much does it cost for the consultation hours?
The standard rate is as follows

 Standard price
1 consultation hour135 USD

Are there any discount if I need more than 1 consultation hour to solve my problem?
Yes, we do provide discount on packages. However, since the questions are in all kinds, we do not provide standard discounted package. If you would like to know more about the discount information, please send your question firstly to food@chemlinked.com