Consultation service

If you have any questions without ready answers in our Q&A CENTRE, you can submit to ChemLinked and will be address by ChemLinked’s technical backup, REACH24H Consulting Group, a leading and trusted regulatory consultancy in China, which requires relevant consultation fee.

Our consultation covers

  • Health food registration/filing
  • Infant formula recipe registration
  • FSMP registration
  • Food product formula compliance check
  • Label compliance check
  • CIQ and customs issues support
  • Provide solutions for any enquiries about complying with China food laws, regulations and national standards

Consultation price

Time of Consulting PackageUnit Price (USD, excluding tax) Total Price (USD, excluding tax)Validity periodOrder Now
1h135135/PayPal Bank Transfer
10h12012001 yearPayPal Bank Transfer
30h11033001 yearPayPal Bank Transfer
60h10060002 yearsPayPal Bank Transfer
> 60h NegotiableContact Us