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Revision to the “Catalogue of Feed Raw Materials” (Issued on 2018.4.27)

  •   12 Jun 2018
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • Revision to the “Catalogue of Feed Raw Materials” (Issued on 2018.4.27)

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    • Language:Bilingual (EN&CN)
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    • Pages:16
    • Update date:2018-06-12
    • Release date :2018-04-27
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    This document lists the revision to "Catalogue of Feed Raw Materials", which was updated on Apr. 27, 2018. 

    Pay attention: only the revision is contained in this document, but NOT the completed "Catalogue of Feed Raw Materials"


    Product categories involved in the revision this time

    1. Cereals and Their Processed Products

    2. Oil Seeds and Their Processed Products

    3. Legumes Seeds and Their Processed products

    5. Other Seeds, Fruits and Vegetables and Their Processed Products

    6. Forage Grass, Roughages and Their Processed Products

    7. Other Plants, Algae and Their Processed Products

    10. Fish, Other Aquatic Organisms and Their By-products

    12. Microbial Fermentation Products and By-products

    13. Other Feed Raw Materials