Food-Lists (F-Lists)

Chemlinked Food
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List Name Issuing Authority Latest Update Field
Recommended Infant Formula Testing Labs with Legal Qualifications / 2017-05-16 Infant Formula
Maximum Levels of Contaminants in Foods China NHFPC 2013-06-01 Contaminants limits
Maximum Levels of Mycotoxins in Foods China NHFPC & SAC 2011-10-20 Mycotoxins limits
Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides in Food China NHFPC & MOA 2014-08-01 Pesticide residue
Essential and Optional Ingredients in Formula for Infants and Young Children China NHFPC 2010-03-26 Infant formula
Implementation Catalogue for Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food China AQSIQ 2015-12-21 Manufacturer CNCA registration
Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods China NHFPC 2012-03-15 Food additive
China AQSIQ Monthly Blacklist of Imported Foods China AQSIQ 2016-07-15 Unqualified food
China CNCA-approved Overseas Manufacturers-Dairy Products (except Infant Formula) China CNCA 2016-07-21 Dairy products
China CNCA-approved Overseas Manufacturers-Infant Formula China CNCA 2016-07-15 Infant formula