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The Ultimate Guide to China's GACC Overseas Food Manufacturer Registration
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On Apr. 13, 2021, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) issued the new version of "Administrative Provisions on Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Foods (Decree 248)", which came into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. It stipulates that all food categories (excluding food additives and food-related products) shall be subject to overseas manufacturer registration.

This online course is to interpret China's latest overseas food manufacturer registration requirements under GACC Decree 248. It will be delivered in English with English subtitles. It's about 2-3 hours in total and includes 8 sessions, with a coverage of the entire compliance chain. You can solve almost all the problems you may meet before/during/after the registration process with this ultimate course.

The outline of the online course is as follows:

Session 1: Overview of GACC Decree 248

  • Major requirements, significance, and related official documents

  • Application scope: product & manufacturer scope

  • Supervision type (self-registration & competent recommendation) and corresponding registration routes

  • Approach to the English registration platform: China Import Food Enterprises Registration (CIFER) system

  • Flow chart of GACC food manufacturer registration supervision

Session 2: A look into the functions provided by CIFER system - Enterprise account

  • User management

  • Application for registration

  • Application for modification

  • Application for extension

  • Application for cancellation

  • Integrated query (Application query & registration information, including the query of registration progress)

  • Account certification

  • Product type query (including the query of HS code, CIQ code, involved food category and corresponding registration type)

  • Operation manual

  • Contact info of CIFER technician team

  • CIFER query website: a list of registered manufacturers

Session 3: How to determine HS and CIQ code

  • A rough searching in "product type query" function provided by CIFER system

  • Reasons why certain HS codes cannot be found in CIFER system

  • An understanding about China's HS code system

  • Other ways to ensure the HS and CIQ code

  • Analysis for non-compliant cases

Session 4: Walk-through explanation of the GACC registration process (via self-registration)

  • Account application

  • Find the proper food subcategory and begin the registration

  • How to fill in each blank in registration page (basic information, product-related information, declaration information and attachment information)

  • Documents required

  • Principe and suggestion

Session 5: Walk-through explanation of the GACC registration process (via competent recommendation)

  • Obtain the account/Certify the account

  • Find the proper food subcategory and begin the registration

  • How to fill in blanks in registration page (basic information, product registration information, check list and statement, as well as attachment information)

  • Documents required

  • Principle and suggestion

Session 6: Detailed explanation for the role of competent authority in exporting country

  • Introduction of functions in the system - competent authority account

  • Operations for competent authorities in exporting countries to proceed with the registration

Session 7: Labeling requirements

  • Legal basis (Decree 248 & 249)

  • What/Where/How to label the registration number (including location, size and sticker or printing, etc.)

  • Other special requirements for specific products (health food, foods for special dietary use, etc.)

Session 8: Other elements worth attention & FAQs

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