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  • Bottled Water Market in China

     31 Mar 2017    1876

     As the second largest economy in the world, and a major driver of global economic development, China has paid a high environmental price for its economic increase: polluted air, contaminated land, uninhabitable areas, desertification, and a severe crisis...

  • What's Next For China CBEC?

     23 Mar 2017  Paul O'Brien  2799

    China crossborder ecommerce is a phenomenal success story. Its precocious development and steep upward trajectory is unprecedented. It continues to exceed the expectations of the public, government and international stakeholders. 

  • China Routes to Market: Wechat Retail and Marketing

     22 Mar 2017  Paul O'Brien  2323

    Wechat is like a digital swiss army knife .....it's China's most important mobile app and combines messaging, map services, flight and ticket purchasing , online shopping, online payment, official business services, business marketing and promotion,...

  • The Ingredients for a Best-Selling Snack Product in China

     17 Mar 2017  Yao LUO  2867

     An improvement in living standards has meant that Chinese people are demanding high quality foods. Snack food is no exception. According to statistics from China Customs, Chinese people consumed 300 billion RMB worth of imported food in 2015, and snack...

  • Five Key Trends in China’s Beverage Industry

     13 Mar 2017  Chengxuan HE  5679

    China’s beverage market has grown considerably over the last several years. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, domestic beverage industry sales had increased by 10.5% in 2016.