Advice on Onsite Inspection for China’s Infant Formula Registration

Severus Zhang
Tuesday , 19th May 2020
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Onsite inspection of infant formula manufacturing facilities is one of the most important as well as challenging parts of infant formula registration in China. Concerning the "Key Points and Judgment Principles for Onsite Inspection Audit," the expert panel will mainly check the production capability, inspection capability, R&D capability of the applicant.

To help our audience better understand the key points and improve the chances of a successful onsite inspection, ChemLinked invited the food compliance team of REACH24H to share their abundant experience on onsite inspection of infant formula manufacturers. 


Part 1 Introduction to infant formula registration and onsite audit policy

1.1 Introduction to infant formula registration

1.2 Brief of onsite audit schedule

1.3 Onsite audit requirements

Part 2 Interpretation of “Key Points and Judgment Principles for On-site Inspection Audit of Infant Formula Milk Powder Registration”

2.1 Key points for the onsite audit

2.2 The principle evaluating the severity of the problems that occurred during the onsite audit

2.3 Principles judging the onsite verification results

Part 3 Items worth attention and case study

3.1 Material preparation

3.2 Production stage

3.3 Logistics preparation

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  • Regulatory Consultant
    Severus is the BD manager of the Food & FCM Division in REACH24H. Severus holds a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering and Master of Food Engineering. Severus is the main person responsible for infant formula, FSMP and health foods technical cases. Severus has a proven track record of understanding client requirements and is capable of building highly effective customer relationships.