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Navigating Global Food Labeling Restrictions for Plant-based and Vegan Food

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Mathilde Do Chi
Thursday , 13th Jun 2024
Vegan Food Law

Plant-based and vegan food has gained momentum among consumers with companies providing like products for every animal-based product. However, the regulatory framework has not caught up so quickly, especially in labelling, leaving companies in a grey zone to stay compliant and avoid being fined for misleading consumers.

In this webinar, Mathilde will tackle the food law and regulatory bites applicable to this new food category at the global level.


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Key points to be covered:

  • Codex Alimentarius standards, guidelines

  • ISO standards

  • Work done by plant-based food associations globally

  • Global overview of plant-based regulations

  • Different treatment between categories, especially dairy-like products

  • US food labeling rules

  • EU food labeling rules with case law

  • Best practices when labeling innovative products.

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  • Mathilde is a renowned food law expert in global alternative protein regulations. She holds an LLM in International Trade & Investment Law and a second LLM in Food Law. She sits on the board of several international vegan non-profit organizations and regularly advises her clients on food innovation matters from a regulatory point of view.
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