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Organic Food Industry in Mainland China and the Market Access Requirements

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Lennie Tao
Tuesday , 18th Aug 2020

According to the China Agricultural Outlook Report 2020-2029 released by China's Market Early Warning Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, most agricultural products, especially dairy products, fruits, beef, mutton, etc., performed quite well in past years and are estimated to grow steadily in the next ten years. While, along with the economic development and consumption upgrade in China, consumers are also expecting products of higher qualities. Will it be the right time to export organic foods to Mainland China? How about the regulatory requirements of organic foods?

In this webinar, ChemLinked will solve the two questions above and will also help deal with but not limited to the following questions:

1. How many food categories does this organic certificate cover?

2. How long will it take to obtain an organic certificate and how much?

3. Does China recognize U.S. or EU organic certificate?

4. To enterprises, who also want to sell organic products to Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, how’s the regulations in these areas? Will there be any differences and similarities in the regulatory requirement?


1. Market environment of organic food industry

  • Market size

  • Consumption awareness

2. Regulatory compliance of organic food

  • Major regulations

  • Application scope/Catalogue of organic products

  • Regulatory obligations (labeling, ingredients, production and etc.)

3. Organic certification

  • Procedure

  • Duration

  • Mutual recognition

4. Procedures of exporting organic foods to Mainland China

5. Comparison between Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China

6. Case study: How to sell organic milk powder to Mainland China

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Lennie Tao is a food regulatory affairs news editor working at ChemLinked. She graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a master's degree. Lennie has a vast array of experience and is a regular attendee of China special food training programs and forums. Lennie has a broad range of experience in the food sector, and also has a great understanding of China infant formula regulatory requirements and China health food regulatory requirements.