Prospect of Exporting Aquatic Products to China and Regulatory Compliance

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Lennie Tao
Tuesday , 30th Mar 2021

The covid-2019 pandemic has greatly influenced our life and caused enormous losses in many sectors. Since June last year, many Chinese cities have found coronavirus on the packages of imported cold chain foods, including frozen shrimps, frozen chicken wings, frozen pork, cherries, etc. Responding quickly, China has taken multiple supervision measures to minimize the importation risk caused by COVID-19. However, influenced by such negative news, a great number of consumers still reduced their purchase frequencies of imported frozen food accordingly in 2020.

What will the industry be like in China? Will it be more difficult for imported frozen food to enter China’s market? In this speech, the speaker will share the outlook for imported aquatic product industry and analyze its market access requirements.


1. Market performance of aquatic products in China

  • Market and import data overview in 2019

  • Import performance in 2020

  • Outlook for 2021 and beyond

2. Regulatory compliance of exporting aquatic products to China

  • Importation requirements via general trade

  • Cross-border E-commerce

3. COVID-19 Pandemic: the uncertainty to reckon with

  •  New supervision requirements under the pandemic context

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Lennie Tao is a food regulatory affairs news editor working at ChemLinked. She graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a master's degree. Lennie has a vast array of experience and is a regular attendee of China special food training programs and forums. Lennie has a broad range of experience in the food sector, and also has a great understanding of China infant formula regulatory requirements and China health food regulatory requirements.