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Regulatory Requirements of Food Ingredients/Additives Used in Japan

Akihito Kameyama
Tuesday , 20th Oct 2020
Label bank Co., Ltd.

-Which ingredients or additives are allowed to be used and which are not for food products in Japan?

-What ingredients are categorized or controlled as food additives, and what about those considered as food ingredients? How are they controlled?

We believe these questions are of utmost importance for food business operators thinking about exporting their products to the Japanese market. Indeed, the answers to the above will differ in each country depending on the local regulatory environment, and this also holds true for Japan.

This webinar aims to interpret the regulatory requirements for the usage of food ingredients or food additives in Japan. Since there are no specific regulations for food ingredients in Japan (except for the ones having medical effects/functions), the speaker will mainly talk about the standards of use for food additives and how food ingredients with medical effects/functions are categorized or controlled.


Part 1: Standards of use for additives

Part 2: Use of ingredients having medicinal effects/functions

Part 3: Application procedure for new food additives

Part 4: Updates regarding standards of use for additives (or newly accepted ones)

Part 5: Example of violation cases concerning the standards of use of additives in imported food products

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  • Quality Control Manager
    As a quality control manager at Label bank, Mr. Kameyama is supporting research team members who engage in creating, checking or providing consultation for food labeling not only in Japan but also worldwide, taking advantage of his extensive knowledge of food additives and their uses, acquired during his long career in the food additive industry.