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Stay Ahead of China's Food Labeling Changes with New GB 7718 Draft

Keya Fang
Thursday , 29th Feb 2024

GB 7718-2011 is an overarching regulation in China that is specifically formulated for the labeling of prepackaged foods. Over the past few years, this standard has undergone two rounds of drafts to meet the need for updates and improvements. In order to further enhance the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the standard, the National Food Safety Standards Review Committee released the latest draft on January 19, 2024, seeking opinions from the public, to ensure that the latest standard fully considers the needs of all parties involved. This initiative aims to strengthen food safety, protect consumer rights, and maintain market order.

In this webinar, we will compare the current 2011 version of GB 7718 with the latest draft, exploring the changes and the practical impact they may bring. By comparing these two versions, we can gain a better understanding of the evolution of food labeling standards and their importance for producer, consumer and the market.


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1. Introduction

  • The background and significance of the draft

2. Comparison and interpretation

  • Elaboration of the regulation changes in the draft

  • Interpretation of the key updates and changes

  • Analysis of the potential impact on food labeling compliance

3. Conclusion

4. Q&A session

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  • Food regulatory consultant
    Keya Fang, graduated from Monash University with a master’s degree in food science and Agribusiness, is now working as food regulation consultant in REACH24H Consulting Group. She has extensive experience in the field of food compliance and can provide professional support and guidance to help food enterprises from various countries successfully enter the Chinese market.