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Unpacking Thailand's New Nutrition Labeling Law: Implications for Manufacturers and Distributors

Ruiwen Zhuang
Friday , 12th Apr 2024
IDG Thailand

Thai FDA has introduced four new laws governing food labeling which will enter into force on July 2nd, 2024. The laws aim to promote and provide consumers with protection of their health for certain types of food. Some of these laws focus on regulating health claims made on food products, while others mandate that food labels provide detailed information on the nutritional content of various food items. This includes disclosing the type and quantity of nutrients derived from each food type, as well as allowing for easy comparison of nutrient levels between similar products. Additionally, Thai FDA also introduced new requirement regarding labelling of supplementary food. These measures aim to empower consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing and consuming food, thereby enhancing their overall health and nutrition.

Now, what are the implications of these four new laws for food manufacturers and distributors? How restrictive are they? How can we best prepare? Our speaker will explore each of these laws in depth, offering a thorough analysis and explanation of their effects on the food industry.


Part 1 Introduction

1.1 Origin and Principle of the new laws

1.2 Key changes in the new laws and timeline for compliance

Part 2 Regulations interpretation: comparing old and new laws

2.1 Notification of Ministry of Public Health regarding Nutrition Labelling

2.2 Notification of Ministry of Public Health regarding Food Products Required to bear Nutrition Labelling and Guideline Daily Amounts, GDA Labelling

2.3 Notification of Ministry of Public Health regarding Health Claims on Food Label

2.4 Notification of Ministry of Public Health regrading Food Supplement

Part 3 Implications for Manufactures and Importers

3.1 Potential impact on product formulation and marketing

3.2 Approaches and advice to deal with changes

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  • Assistant International Business Development Manager
    Ruiwen Zhuang graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a Bachelor of Law. She has been working in Business Development for IDG Thailand since May 2022, providing Thai food and other regulatory consultations and services to clients from various countries. A combination of legal background, experience in Thai FDA food registration projects, and multilingual ability has afforded her a unique insight and knowledge in the updated laws.