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    Organic Food in China: Overview and Regulatory Compliance

     Apr 23, 2018  26:36  1927

    The purpose of this course is to give an overview on organic food in China and details on its regulatory compliance. Its 4 sections cover the main regulations and management authorities responsible for organic food, explaining organic certification and the procedure to obtain it as well as legal and CIQ requirements. 
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    How to Design a Compliant Chinese Label for Prepackaged Foods

     Mar 09, 2018  49:11  2429

    Data shows that non-compliant labels are the most significant reason for consignments being rejected by Chinese authorities during customs and quarantine clearance at ports. These occurrences result in considerable financial losses to international stakeholders. This course has been developed to offer training on food labeling requirements in China.
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    Health Food Registration & Filing in China: Latest Updates & Future Trends

     Jan 16, 2018  25:31  3683

    The purpose of this course is to give an overview as well as in-depth detail to important regulations on health food registration and filing in China. This course explains health food laws and management authorities in China, required dossiers for health food registration and filing, progress and problems on health food registration and filing. Analysis of domestic and overseas health food and Future trends are also highlighted.