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A database that allows you to quickly retrieve the regulatory status of the food ingredients in various regions and obtain key data regarding use basis, use conditions, application status, etc.
Dear users, please note that our food ingredient search currently only has data for food additives (excluding nutrition fortifiers, food flavoring & fragrance, processing aids, enzyme preparations) from Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. We are working diligently to gather data for the rest of the countries and their food raw materials, and appreciate your patience. Thank you for using our tool.
Total Data: 112,364   Update: Jun 10, 2024
Taiwan, China
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Sorry, there are no matches for your search.

You may consult us at for comprehensive search to verify the regulatory status of the ingredient.
Who can access the search tool?

Before November 16, 2023, the tool is free for all registered ChemLinked users. Starting November 17, 2023, access will be limited to ChemLinked Corporate Members. Please feel free to contact us if you need access.

How do I use the ingredient search tool?

The ChemLinked Food Ingredient Search Tool allows you to look up approved food ingredients (currently food additives only) of multiple countries. To search for the substances in specific countries:

1) Select a country/region from the filter on the left.

2) Type in the INS No. or English name of the ingredient in the search box.

3) Click "Search" and results will appear below.

4) Click "Detail" next to any result for more info like approved food categories and maximum usage amounts.

To see approved usages across multiple countries, select "All" in the filter and search. This also helps you quickly see where an ingredient is permitted.

What if I don't get any search results?

If your search comes up empty, there are two likely reasons:

1) The name you entered doesn't exactly match what's in our database. Try searching again using the INS No., or a similar name.

2) The ingredient isn't currently included in our database. Please email so we can look into it.

Where does the data come from?
All data is sourced from official government documents like laws, regulations, standards, and announcements in each country. The specific source is listed on each ingredient detail page.
How often is the data updated?
We continuously monitor regulatory changes in all target countries. Any formal changes that impact ingredient approvals will be reflected in the tool as soon as possible.
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1. The search results are for reference only. If there are no results found or you have doubts about the search results, you may consult us at for comprehensive search to verify the regulatory status of the substance.

2. ChemLinked makes utmost effort to keep the data accurate and up to date, but they should be used for reference only. In no event shall ChemLinked assume any responsibility for any claims, damages or losses resulting from using the information.

3. ChemLinked reserves the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add to, or remove portions of information on this site at any time without notice.
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