Food Compliance
Intelligence & Solutions
Research Support Service for Investment Project
In the process of investment and financing, preliminary research is significant for enterprises. We provide compliance review and market research in their investments in food and cosmetics industries and help them determine the project's investment value and opportunities and thereby make accurate decisions.
What service do we provide
Neutral Third-party Compliance Supervision Report
We issue a supervision and evaluation report on the target enterprise by using externally disclosed data and information. The report includes but is not limited to the following contents:
Current product access status;
Review status after product access (on-site audit of the factory, sampling inspection of product in market circulation process);
Other positive/negative news, administrative punishment.
Research and Risk Assessment of the Target Enterprise
We evaluate and analyze the risks of the investment project by reviewing the products, factories, technology, etc., of the target enterprise, help customers identify all compliance risks, measure the impact degree of each risk, and provide risk prevention suggestions and solutions.
Investment Value Analysis of the Target Enterprise
We improve enterprises’ competitive benefits by assessing the competitors (market positioning, ranking, online and offline share);
We reduce enterprises’ risks by analyzing the competitors, suppliers and the competitive environment;
We discover enterprises’ new potential competitors and help avoid blind spots.
Investment Value Analysis of the Target Industry
We help third-party institutions or brands to explore investment opportunities in emerging industries and provide strategic guidance to their investment behavior through the following aspects:
The overall scale and current structure and trends of the industry;
Overall and detailed supply and demand status, risks and opportunities of the market;
Current development environment status and trends of the industry;
Analysis of industry indicators (life cycle, profitability, etc.);
Key competition contents and indicator analysis of the industry.