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Provisions on the Labeling of Pet Foods in China

  •   29 May 2018
  •    Giacomo Cirillo
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    • Provisions on the Labeling of Pet Foods in China

    • Translated by :Chemlinked
    • Language:Bilingual (EN&CN)
    • Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
    • Pages:84
    • Update date:2018-04-27
    • Effective Date :2018-06-01
    • Status: In force
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    These regulations apply to the labeling of pet feed 


    Provisions the Labeling of Pet Feed
    Annex 1. Examples for indication contents of pet feeds
    Annex 2. Classification of pet feed raw materials
    Annex 3. Units of measurement commonly used for value of product component analysis
    Annex 4. Items and requirements to be included among values of compound pet feed component analysis
    Annex 5. Indication examples for specific status and major nutritional characteristics applicable to compound pet feeds
    Annex 6. Indication of production date, shelf life and net content
    Annex 7. Varieties of raw materials that can be rehydrated and their calculation methods
    Annex 8. Calculation methods of product energy value
    Annex 9. Calculation methods of the maximum surface area of the labels on different packages or packaging containers