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An Overview of New Food Related Products Application in 2022 In 2022, 37 new FCMs were granted administrative approval, including 10 new varieties of FCM additives, 13 new varieties of resins, 1 new FCM materials, 12 FCM additives with expanded scope, and 1 resin with expanded scope.
China Consults on GB 14880 National Standard for the Use of Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods As revealed by a notice released on January 19, 2023, CFSA is soliciting public opinions on a amendment to the currently effective "GB 14880-2012 National Food Safety—Standard Standard for the Use of Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods".
Market and Compliance: Electrolyte Drinks Flying off the Shelves in China No one could predict that the electrolyte drinks would suddenly become a hit in the China at the end of 2022. This unexpected popularity is mainly attributed to the national-level cancellation of COVID-19 restrictions in December last year.
South Korea Approves the First Physically Recycled Materials for FCM Manufacturing process of physically recycled materials is more simplified, which helps reduce the cost. MFSD introduced the recognition criteria for physically recycled materials.
An Overview of New Food Additive Applications in 2022 In order to understand the trends and hotspots of R&D on food additives in the Chinese market, ChemLinked reviewed the regulatory updates of food additives in 2022, from the three major links in the new food additive application process, namely, the acceptance, proposal and approval of the application.
An Overview of New Food Raw Material Applications in 2022 The update on new food raw materials is one essential aspect of chemlinked’s 2022 annual report. Each year, stakeholders devote a significant amount of time and money to the study of new food raw materials that have the potential to open up markets and create new food products. Enterprises can begin producing products with the new food raw materials as soon as the National Health Commission (NHC) grants permission.
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