India Extends the Approval to Import of Foods for Inborn Errors of Metabolism Condition On Jan. 19, 2021, India FSSAI announced to extend the approval to infant foods for IEM condition till Jun. 30, 2021 and specified its market access requirements.
South Korea Launches Automatic Labeling System South Korea rolled out an automatic labeling system to help enterprises better understand food labeling items.
Japan Approves the Use of 4 Food Additives On Jan. 15, 2021, MHLW unveiled the amendment to "Ordinance for Enforcement of the Food Sanitation Act". It stated that Ammonium Hydrogen Sulfite Water, Chitin-glucan, Dipotassium DL-Tartrate and Polyvinylimidazole - polyvinylpyrrolidone copolymers are considered to be harmless to the human body and they are permitted to be used in food. In addition, their specifications and usage standards are specified in the "Standards and Criteria for Food and Food Additives, etc." This amendment came to effect from the date of promulgation.
Food Raw Materials Updates in South Korea 2020 This article collected the changes in food raw materials in South Korea 2020.
Asia Pacific Food Regulation Dynamics | December 2020 In December, China updated raw material directory and function claims for health food filing; Taiwan revised the Health Food Safety Evaluation Method; South Korea updated Food Additive Code and drafted Health Functional Food Code; Japan revised the Standards and Criteria for Food and Food Additives and updated Food Composition Standard Tables; India published Food Safety and Standards (Foods for Infant Nutrition) Regulations.
Top 10 Food Regulatory Updates in China in 2020 To review food regulatory updates that happened in 2020, ChemLinked picked out the top 10 most important updates.
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