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Nestlé Infant Formula Recalled in the US and Canada for Potential Microbial Contamination On March 17 and 18, 2023, the US FDA and Canada’s CFIA successively issued notices regarding the recall of a Nestle branded infant formula for potantial mircobial contamination.
Regulatory Requirements for Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics in China This article examines the regulatory requirements for probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics products in China and explore their development in the Chinese market.
South Korea Health Functional Ingredient Recognition: Recap and Analysis Korean MFDS recognized 45 application cases of health functional ingredients in 2022, doubling that in 2021. Regarding functionality, joint health enhancement accounts for the most, followed by weight loss and skin health enhancement. What trend can be seen from these data? What shall enterprises do? ChemLinked suggestions are included in the last part of this article.
[Data Updated] Imported Foods Subject to Inspection Order in South Korea "Inspection order" is a special supervision mechanism for imported food in South Korea. ChemLinked compiles the current status of imported food subject to inspection orders, and will continuously update this list.
U.S. FDA Releases Draft Guidance for Labeling of Plant-Based Milk Alternatives In February, the U.S. FDA released a Guidance which provides FDA's current thinking on naming plant-based foods marketed as milk substitutes, also known as plant-based milk alternatives (PBMA) and advice on using voluntary nutrition statements.
Updated | China Issues an Enforcement Guidance on the Use of Absolute Terms in Advertising On March 20, 2023, China’s SAMR approves "Enforcement Guidance on Absolute Terms in Advertising".
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