SAMR Unveils the 2020 Legislation Program On March 26, 2020, SAMR released its legislation program this year, covering the optimization of the business environment (e.g., Anti-Monopoly Law, Patent Law), market administrative measures, food safety supervision, etc.
Infant Milk Powder Firms Struggle to Win in China Market: FY 2019 Review Despite declining birth rates, increasingly fierce market competition, and regulatory compliance obstacles, the Chinese infant formula market maintained steady growth in 2019.
China Supports the Development of Domestic Cold Chain Logistics On Jan 2nd, 2020, the State Council of PRC released Opinions on Sustaining Good Key Work in the Areas of Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farming. In this document, the State Council encourages the development of China's cold chain logistics capacities.
Overseas Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting China’s Infant Formula Market The increasingly difficult COVID-19 situation overseas is expected to bring some changes to China’s infant formula market.
China Announces 2020 Plan to Tackle Illegal Advertising On Mar. 18, 2020, eleven departments, including SAMR, NHC, NRTA (National Radio and Television Administration), and MPS (Ministry of Public Security) unveiled a notification on the 2020 priority work schedule.
  • The Promotion of Functional Health Food is Subject to More Stringent Supervision in South Korea
    According to guideline issued by KHSA on Mar. 27, the competent authority stated that it is prohibited to underscore the function of common food ingredients used in functional health food. However, considering the cost for package re-printing, this requirement was granted a grace period to Jan. 1, 2022.
  • Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission Consults on National Drug Standards, 19 Ingredients Used both for Health Food and Drug Included
    On Mar. 25, Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission unveiled the exposure draft of national drug standards for drug ingredients, including American ginseng, honeysuckle, astragalus membranaceus and etc. These ingredients can be used in health food as well and the standards will be significant regulatory references when they are applied in health food.
  • Hainan Unveils the List of Disposable and Non-degradable Plastic Products Prohibited from Production and Sales
    On Mar. 23, Hainan Ecological Environment Department released the "List of Non-Degradable Plastic Products Prohibited from Production and Sales in Hainan province (the first batch)". Plastic bag, talewares and etc. are included and it comes to effect on Dec. 1, 2020
  • Seven American Pet Food Manufacturers Obtained Market Access Approval to China
    On Mar. 25, China GAC updated the list of pet food manufacturers approved in China, where 7 American pet food enterprises are newly included.
  • Two Batches Products Fails the FSMP Registration in China
    As revealed by NMPA announcement issued on Mar. 25, 1 batch of FSMP for infants and 1 batch nutritionally complete formula food have not been granted product registration approval. Both of them are domestic products.
  • South Korea is Proposed to Revise Organic Food Requirements
    On Mar. 23, MFDS announced the proposed revision to "Enforcement Rule of Act on the Promotion of Environment-Friendly Agriculture and Fisheries and the Management of and Support for Organic Foods, Etc". The competent authority will stipulate the detailed certification standard and labeling requirements for processed food made by ingredients without pesticide reidue. Additionally the organic certification standard and its labeling requirements will be specified.
  • South Korea Revises Food Additives Code
    As revealed by MFDS 2020-18 announcement issued on Mar. 20, South Korea amended the usage standard of 4 colourants in food, including Food Red No.3, Food Red No.40, Food Blue No.1 and Food Yellow No.4. They are newly allowed to be used in coffee, whose maxmum usage level shall be less than 0.1 g/kg. When these 4 colourants are simultaneously applied, their usage amount shall be less than 0.1 g/kg as well.
  • China GAC Facilitates Customs Clearance of Food
    On Mar 19th, General Administration of Customs announced the List of Measures Controlling and Preventing COVID-19 Epidemic and Facilitating Customs Clearance. The List encourages to expand imports of food and agricultural products to ensure supply. It also declares to open up green channels at main ports, implement 24-hour customs clearance appointment, and grant inspection priority to food and agricultural products. Since Feb 1st, GAC has newly approved 14 animal and plant products, including fish oil, fish meal, and feed additives from 7 countries. 13 kinds of food products (including meat, aquatic and dairy products) and over 600 enterprises from US, Costa Rica and etc. granted registration approval in China. During this period, China has imported 367,000 tons of dairy products with a year-on-year growth of 38.3%, 707,000 tons of pork, beef and mutton with a year-on-year growth of 115.5%.
  • China Consults on National Food Safety Standard of Walnut Quality Grade
    On Mar 19th, National Technical Committee on Economic Forest Products Standardization Administration opened Walnut Quality Grade for public feedback. Any comments shall be sent back prior to Apr. 15th, 2020.
  • South Korea MFDS Revised Regulation on Declaration and Inspections of Imported Livestock Products
    On Mar. 18th, MFDS released a revision notice of Regulation on Declaration and Inspections of Imported Livestock Products. There are five major changes in this notice, and two of them are listed below. First, it adds “product that went through precise inspection in its first importation and is imported again within five years afterwards” in the definition of “the same animal product from the same company”. Second, it adds seven substances that should not be detected in food, which are gentian violet (crystal violet), methylene blue, norfloxacin, ofloxacin, pefloxacin, roxarsone, arsanilic acid.
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