Food Compliance
Intelligence & Solutions
Customized Regulatory Information Service
ChemLinked Compliance Team comprises technologists, toxicologists, nutritionists, chemists, and regulatory analysts with vast insight and practical experience dealing with regulatory obligations. With meticulous management and professional service efforts, we have successfully undertaken numerous compliance projects for companies exporting to China.
What service do we provide
Regulation Monitoring and Analysis
We monitor the updates on the latest policies, regulations and standard information, sudden food safety events, negative reports on relevant products, information of competitors' products, and foreign information, etc. related to the users’ products and ingredients;
We select relevant and most important information and promptly share it with our clients, conduct in-depth technical analysis of specific issues to help save clients’ browsing and decision-making time.
Customized Report
We provide customized reported based on following aspects
Market analysis (including main retail channels, consumer analysis, market performance etc.);
The compliance requirements for products and ingredients (whether the product can be exported to the target country);
Regulatory requirements for product indexes (product quality, safety requirements, labeling requirements);
Product import procedures (import customs clearance);
Enterprise qualification and supervision requirements for products after circulation in the market.
Training Service
We customize food regulations and access-related learning courses for customers' needs;
We provide a clear and logical explanation of course contents by combining food safety standards and regulations, practical experience and case sharing, which is easy for learners to understand.