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Align Your Food Products with Chinese Young People’s Health and Nutrition Needs

Shine Hu
Wednesday , 27th May 2020

Growth in China’s health and nutrition food sector is increasingly being driven by younger consumers particularly the post 1990s generation and Gen Z. They pin their hope on offsetting the deleterious effects of staying up late by commitment to a healthy diet. Produce food products that are tailored to their means huge business opportunities in China market.

To help our audience better understand Chinese young people’s major health and nutrition demands on food consumption, as well as possible trends of relevant product development from function, ingredient, and package, etc., ChemLinked Market Research Analyst Shine Hu is going to share her insights on how to align food products with Chinese people’s health and nutrition needs, accompanied by real product display.


Part 1 Understanding Chinese young people

• 1.1 Emerging consumption force 

• 1.2 Consumption features

• 1.3 Post COVID-19 consumption trends

Part 2 Major Health and Nutrition Demands on Food Consumption

• 2.1 Addressing sub-health

• 2.2 Body shaping and weight management

• 2.3 Anti-aging and beautifying

Part 3 Brand Takeaways

• 3.1 Healthier snack 

• 3.2 Instant supplement

• 3.3 Functional ingredients

• 3.4 Appealing package

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  • ChemLinked Research Analyst
    Shine Hu graduated with two masters of English translating and interpreting from Macquarie University and Wuhan University. She previously worked at Xinhuanet, the official portal of Xinhua News Agency and reported China economy and business updates and now work for ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly focuses on market updates of imported consumer products in China and has published a quite number of market analysis articles on the website & involved in several customized research projects. Areas of expertise: dairy, infant formula, cosmetics, health food, maternal and infant nutrition.