Assessing the Feasibility of Launching Functional Foods in China: Product Selection

Anne Peng
Tuesday , 28th Apr 2020

China’s functional food market is extremely competitive. Market challenges are compounded by a highly demanding regulatory environment. China uses a dual-track system to regulate functional foods involving either registration or filing. Accessing China's markets requires careful consideration of market conditions with a particular focus on regulatory requirements, marketing, trade channel selection, retail, and marketing. Product development and product compliance must be shaped by an appreciation for each of these elements. In this webinar, we will look at the most critical considerations when assessing the feasibility of launching a functional food in China. We will include case studies used to prise apart the vital elements in a successful market entry strategy and focus on selecting functional food products with good potential to succeed in China’s market.


Part 1 Global Functional Food Regulatory Frameworks   

  • 1.1 EU

  • 1.2 AUZ

  • 1.3 Japan

  • 1.4 Malaysia

Part 2 China’s Regulatory Framework

  • 2.1 Regular food

  • 2.2 Nutrient supplements

  • 2.3 Health functional food

Part 3 Case Studies of Categorization & Selection

  • Sports nutrition/milk shake/meal replacement

  • Female oriented/ collagen/antioxidation

  • Plant extract/fermented

  • Daily nutrition

  • Fish oil

  • Probiotics

  • Enzymes

Part 4 FAQ & Advice from REACH24H

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