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China Food Import: Procedures and Compliance Tips

Krystal Wang
Thursday , 23rd Jun 2022

China is at the forefront of the global importation of food products. According to "China Imported Food Industry Report 2021", China's food imports have exceeded 100 billion dollars, and the market is still expanding. The abundant market opportunities have attracted a large number of newcomers. Meanwhile, China is further standardizing its supervision system for imported food. The emergence of updated regulations and new supervisory increased the barriers to market entry. In order to help remove these entry barriers and minimize the risks, ChemLinked combed out key regulatory knowledge and practical tips on food import for international enterprises to avoid common pitfalls and failures. 


Part 1 Things You Need to Know

1.1 The Laws You Must Obey

1.2 Who Are the Regulators?

1.3 China Food Import Procedures 

Part 2 Learn about Food Classification

2.1 China Food Classification Systems

2.2 GB Standard Classification

2.3 HS Code Classification 

Part 3 Avoid Common Pitfalls & Failures  

3.1 Compliance Check-list

3.2 Where to Get Help?

3.3 Practical Tips

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  • Senior Food Regulatory Consultant
    Graduated from De Montfort University, Krystal worked within Massive Health and Food industry in Europe for 6 years. She is now working as Food Regulatory Consultant at REACH24H Consulting Group, specializing in food and health food nutrition, import and export trade, as well as cross-border e-commerce. Her expertise and professional advices have helped many international enterprises remove their entry barriers to China.