China Food Regulatory System Interpretation and Detailed Importation Guidance

Eleanor Tan
Thursday , 25th May 2017
REACH24H Consulting Group China

China has emerged as the world's most important consumer market for food and beverage industry, making the Chinese market increasingly appealing for foreign enterprises. The Chinese government has taken drastic measures to introduce and enforce strict food regulations to ensure food safety. Good understanding of China food regulation will definitely benefit overseas enterprises for exporting their products to China.

This webinar is aimed to introduce the current food regulatory framework in China including the interpretation of competent authorities and important food regulations, provide detailed guidance of importation procedure before exporting, during CIQ inspection and quarantine and post-inspection, and explain the future trend of supervision requirements indicated by the government.


1. Introduction of China Food Regulation Bodies

2. Overview of Current Food Regulatory Framework

3. Detailed Guidance for Exporting Overseas Foodstuffs to China

4. Future Trend of Food Regulatory System and Supervision Requirements

  • Food Regulatory Analyst
    Ms. Eleanor Tan obtained Master’s degree of food science from Zhejiang University and is one of the senior regulatory experts in the food compliance team of REACH24H. She is proficient in Chinese food regulations and has extensive experience in providing food consultations for various companies around the world.