Comparative Analysis of Imported Infant Formula Regulations in Mainland China, Taiwan, HK and Macau

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Daisy Luo
Wednesday , 24th Oct 2018
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Infant formula is subject to stringent supervision in every country/region due to its special role of providing necessary nutrition for babies. Parents around the world are seeking for better and trusted milk powder, and some prefer overseas brands. Chinese market for imported infant formula is bright, but exporters of infant formula face regulatory barriers. In addition, Taiwan, HK, Macau and Mainland China do not share common regulations for infant formula. How to navigate different local regulations is key to access to the market.

The purpose of this webinar is to give a comparative analysis of imported infant formula regulations in Mainland China, Taiwan, HK and Macau. This webinar introduces administrative departments in charge of food safety supervision in these four regions, and compares their supervision measures on imported infant formula especially related to exporters overseas and the product requirements of infant formula.

  1. Supervision departments on food safety

  2. Regulatory framework of infant formula

  3. Product requirements of infant formula

  4. Preparatory work of overseas exporters