Complementary Baby Food in China: Market Opportunities & Regulation Updates

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Yilia Ye
Thursday , 29th Aug 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

As revealed by "Blue Paper of 2018-2019 China Infant and Young Children Complementary Food&", the market size of complementary baby food surged to 16 billion RMB in 2018, representing a YoY growth of 11.8%. However, the regulation for complementary baby food has also been strengthened since 2018, and the government official revealed that its product standards will be updated in the upcoming years.

This webinar will analyze China's complementary baby food market from the perspective of industry scale, sales channels and consumer insights. Market access requirements of complementary food and its future regulation changes will also be interpreted by the speaker.


1. Classification of complementary baby food in China
2. Market environment

  • Market size

  • Sales channels

  • Consumer insights

3. Regulatory compliance
4. Proposed revision to the GB standards for complementary baby food