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Decoding EU Food Regulation

Cesare Varallo
Tuesday , 18th Oct 2022

The webinar will explain the basics of EU law, offering the tool to navigate the main regulations and find relevant information. Key points related to food safety, food labeling and food contact material regulations will be highlighted. The webinar will be an excellent opportunity for exporters to the EU to get a first exposure to local rules, understand how to effectively approach the market and avoid major roadblocks. The webinar is suitable for everybody who is approaching EU legislation (e.g., regulatory managers, young professionals and food lawyers, export managers). The speaker will answer Q&A, offering his ten years top level experience in the field.


1. EU food law: understand the structure and how different layers of legislation interact (EU law vs. national law)

2. Where to find information and legislation

3. The "General Food Law" (Reg. CE 178/2002): definition of unsafe food, the precautionary principle, traceability obligations, food recalls and withdrawals

4. Reg. EU 1169/2011 on food information to consumers: main labeling obligations

5. Hygiene package and main regulations about food safety (e.g. contaminants, microbiological criteria, food packaging)

6. Official controls: how controls are structured in EU

  • Food Lawyer & Founder of
    Cesare is food lawyer in Italy and founder of, an independent consultancy firm and online communication platform. Working at the intersection between law, science, technology and communication, he delivers strategic and actionable advice to his clients. In particular about food labelling and composition, food law interpretation, crisis management, food safety, food fraud prevention and import/export requirements over more than 90 markets. He is a well-recognized speaker and he is teaching food law related matters at LUISS LL.M in Food Law in Rome, at Alma Mater in Bologna and at Michigan State University - Institute for Food Laws and Regulations.