Dietary Supplement Regulations in China Special Administrative Zones: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau

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Alisa Li
Thursday , 23rd Apr 2020
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Health trends in the wider global economy are driving huge growth in the food sector, particularly in the functional foods and nutrient supplement segments. Consumers are now more cognizant of the role diet plays in health and are increasingly looking towards non-medical strategies to stay healthy and combat chronic disease. This interest is fueling growth in the dietary supplement sector that is expected to be valued at 143.8 billion dollars globally by 2021.

Generally, health care products are called “health food” in mainland China, while Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan China call them “dietary supplements." Beyond these terminological differences, there are also major differences in market entry requirements. In this webinar, we will offer an analysis of the regulatory requirements of dietary supplements in different administrative zones in China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

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Part 1 Definition and classification of Dietary Supplements

• 1.1 Hong Kong, China

• 1.2 Taiwan, China

• 1.3 Macau, China

Part 2 Regulatory Authorities and Regulations of Dietary Supplements

• 2.1 Regulators

• 2.2 Regulatory framework

Part 3 Regulatory requirements of Dietary Supplements

• 3.1 Supervision mechanism

• 3.2 Registration/filing process

• 3.3 Documents required

Part 4 Requirements of raw materials using

• 4.1 Permitted raw materials

• 4.2 Banned raw materials

Part 5 Labeling requirements of Dietary Supplements

• 5.1 Mandatory labeling

• 5.2 Labeling Claims (function claims and content claims)

Part 6 Case Study and Q&A

• 6.1 Supplements imported into Hong Kong

• 6.2 Q&A (Customers’ inquiries collected in advance)

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