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Distribution of halal food in Malaysia: halal certification and market access procedures

Ooi Ju Lien
Tuesday , 17th Nov 2020
Christopher & Lee Ong

The population of Malaysia comprises predominantly residents of the Muslim faith. Hence, Halal food – food which have been handled and processed according to Hukum Syarak or fatwa, constitute a large part of the food industry in Malaysia and a vital consideration for stakeholders in this sector. This is especially important for foreign exporters of foodstuff into Malaysia to understand the necessary criteria in order to distribute their products within Malaysia that may be consumed by the Muslim community.

In this webinar, our speaker will provide an insight on the Halal certification requirements in Malaysia and the relevant procedures to follow when considering exporting foodstuff into Malaysia.


1)  Introduction to the concept of Halal and the Muslim community in Malaysia

2)   Halal certification in Malaysia

3)  Export of Halal food into Malaysia and foreign competent body

4)  Approval processes and practical considerations

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    Ju Lien Ooi is a partner in the Corporate and M&A division of Christopher & Lee Ong, a full service law firm based in Kuala Lumpur. Christopher & Lee Ong is part of the Rajah & Tann Asia Network which spreads out over 10 countries in South East Asia and beyond. Ju Lien regularly advises on matters relating to foreign direct investments and import/export related queries and has vast experience in advising on transactions relating to the food and beverage industry.
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