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Halal in Indonesia: Halal Certification and Market Access for Food and Beverage Products

Ira A. Eddymurthy, Syarifah Reihana Fakhry
Tuesday , 26th Jan 2021

Indonesia is one of the largest halal markets in the world and a growing focus for both foreign and domestic investors. In response to this burgeoning interest and to help support the sector, the Indonesian government has made significant changes to the halal regulatory regime in recent years, from the enforcement of the requirement that all food products have a halal certificate issued in Indonesia or be labelled non-halal to the regulatory changes introduced by the new Omnibus Law.

This webinar, “Halal in Indonesia: Halal Certification and Market Access for Food and Beverage Products,” will look at how the halal certification requirement for food products in Indonesia is currently being enforced and explain the halal certification process. It also will discuss the Halal Examination Agency, sanctions for businesses that violate halal certification requirements and what to expect from an implementing regulation for the Omnibus Law that is to be issued.

Ira A. Eddymurthy, a founding partner of SSEK, will also join in the Q&A session. 
  • Background on Indonesia as one of the largest halal markets in the world

  • Halal Law and the halal certificate requirement for food products

  • Halal implementation timeline

  • Halal certification procedure

  • Changes under the Omnibus Law

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  • Senior Partner
    Ira Eddymurthy is a founding partner of SSEK Legal Consultants and one of Indonesia’s most experienced and highly regarded lawyers. She has more than three decades of experience advising multinationals and domestic companies on Indonesia’s complex regulatory environment. Ira is recognized by legal directories as one of the top corporate lawyers in Indonesia.
  • Syarifah Reihana Fakhry (Reina) is an associate at SSEK. Her work includes foreign investment and general corporate and commercial matters. She previously interned at a large law firm in Singapore, where she assisted with commercial litigation, international arbitration and general corporate matters.