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Importing and Distributing Dairy Products in the Philippines: Overview and a Step-by-Step Guide

David Elefant
Wednesday , 8th Dec 2021

The Philippines is an important market for milk importers, as it cannot produce enough to meet the local demand of almost 3 million metric tons (MMT) liquid milk equivalent (LME) per year. Dairy products are actually its third-largest agricultural import (right after wheat and soybean meal). The economic downturn due to COVID-19 slowed down the demand for such imports, but it is again projected to grow for 2021 as the economy gradually reopens.

In this webinar, David Elefant (Director, Dayanan Business Consultancy) will talk about the opportunities available in the Philippine dairy market and why importers and investors should take notice. This will be followed by a discussion of the process and requirements for importing and distributing dairy products in the country.


I. Overview of the Dairy Market in the Philippines

II. Main Regulations Related to Dairy Products and Implementing Agencies

III. Obtaining a License to Operate (LTO)

IV. Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) - Steps and Requirements

V. Labeling Requirements

VI. Food Safety and Product Recalls

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    A 25-year Philippine business veteran, David Elefant knows a thing or two about helping entrepreneurs succeed in the country. He has learned from, worked with, and solved problems for CEOs in industries ranging from law firms to construction supplies to search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to being Director for DAYANAN Business Consultancy, David is also the co-founder of Ace Wireless Network, specializing in broadband innovations for tourist spots like Boracay and Panglao. He has also lent his expertise as co-director to the Founder Institute, a Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator, helping young entrepreneurs learn how to build enduring companies. David’s experience in diverse industries and dealing with the Philippine government, especially with the Food and Drug Authority (FDA), is what sets him apart from others in the field: a whole-of-business approach coupled with smart, realistic know-how of what works.