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Infant Formula Regulation Difference Between EU and China

Yuanzhao Yu
Thursday , 15th Sep 2022

EU countries are China’s important traders of infant formula, supplying raw materials as well as finished products to China. In the past few years, China made strict policies on market entry permits, such as formula registration and manufacturer registration. Moreover, China is going to enforce the revised standards for infant formula early next year. These product standards become more consistent with the ones in the EU although they still have differences. As the birth rate of Chinese babies drop sharply but the relative standards and regulations became stricter, ChemLinked suggests stakeholders reviewing the situation in advance and consider the future business in China.


1. Why analyze the difference

- main raw material supplier

- the distribution of registered EU infant formula manufacturers

- the distribution of registered EU infant formula

- Regulation similarity

2. Regulatory frame difference

3. Technical and compliance difference

4. Q&A session

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  • Food regulatory specialist
    Yuanzhao Yu, graduated from North Carolina State University with a master's degree in food science, is now working as a food regulation specialist in REACH24H Consulting Group. 8-year's working experience in the infant formula sector has afforded him unique insights in this sector.