Interpretation of China New Health Food Filing System

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Kallen Chen
Tuesday , 21st Feb 2017
REACH24H Consulting Group China

On Feb. 7, 2017, China CFDA drafted 2017 version of “Detailed Rules for Health Food Filing Application”, which will be open for public consultation ending on Feb. 28, 2017. This guidance mainly outlines the filing procedure, requirements for the filing dossiers for both domestic and imported health foods, etc.

This webinar is aimed at interpreting these significant changes with special focus on filing procedures and requirements including applicant qualification, technical review procedure, dossiers required, as well as other significant changes. Both manufactures and distributors can expect to figure out what they should do for compliance and learn about further trends of regulatory updates following the implementation of the new regulation. 


1. Overview of Current Health Food Regulatory System in China

2. Comprehensive Interpretation of Health Food Registration Procedure and Requirements

3. Detailed Guidance for New Health Food Filing System and New Business Opportunities

4. Interpretation of Important Newly Released Regulations on Health Food

  • Food Regulatory Analyst
    Ms. Kallen Chen obtained Master’s degree of food safety and toxicity from Hong Kong University and Bachelor’s degree from University of Western Ontario. She is proficient in Chinese food regulations especially regulatory issues of health food. Her experiences on regulatory compliance and knowledge can provide professional suggestions for relevant companies.