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Market Opportunities and Compliance of Sports Nutrition in China

Sadie Shen
Thursday , 30th Mar 2023

Thanks to people’s increasing awareness of health and well-being, the sports nutrition market in China has shown a rapid upward trend. The targeted consumers of sports nutrition food are no longer limited to professional athletes but the mass people who make it part of their lifestyle. This could not have been achieved without strong support from China's commitment to national fitness, such as National Fitness Plan (2021-2025) issued by the state council. Also, in 2022, some new food raw materials under public consultation are related to sports nutrition, including CaHMB and arabinoxylan, which are highly possible to be approved this year. All of them illustrate the huge market potential for sports nutrition products.

In this webinar, the speaker will discuss sports nutrition in terms of market opportunities, regulatory requirements such as food classification, competent authorities, labels, claims and import procedures, and suggestions for enterprises.


1. market opportunities

1.1 market overview

  • market size

  • driving force

  • sales channels

    1.2 competitors in the market

  • overall competitive landscape

  • key players analysis

    1.3 consumer demand

2.     Regulatory compliance of sports nutrition

2.1 Regulatory framework

  • definition

  • food classification

  • competent authorities

  • key regulations of sports nutrition food

    2.2 product compliance

  • major compliance steps before import

  • ingredients

  • new ingredient approval

  • product form

  • labels and claims

3.     Suggestions for enterprises

3.1 market suggestions

3.2 regulatory suggestions

Note: The contents may be slightly adjusted.

  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Sadie Shen is a food regulatory analyst working at Chemlinked. With strong research, analytical, and writing skills, she provides insightful commentary on the latest regulatory updates across Asia Pacific, including Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Her deep expertise in China's food policies enables clients to stay ahead of shifting regulations.