Selling Food in South Korea: Food Importation Procedures and Regulatory Compliance

T.S. Li
Thursday , 12th Dec 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

According to statistics released by KOSTAT, the amount of food imported by South Korea has increased every year translating to an average growth rate of 10.9 percent in the past decade.

This webinar will give an overview of Korean regulatory compliance requirements and outline the mandatory steps and protocols during the food importation process, including registration of foreign food facilities, registration of importers, import declaration and requirements on food traceability.


1. Overview

  •   Imported Food Volume in S. Korea

  •   Management on Imported Food and Importation Procedure

2. Compliance Requirements Prior to Importation

  •   Registration of Foreign Food Facilities

  •   Registration of Importing Business

3. Compliance Requirements during Customs Clearance

  •   Import Declaration

4. Compliance Requirements on Distribution

  •   Traceability of Imported Food

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