Understanding Newly Launched Korean Evaluation & Labeling of Recycling Packaging Materials Regulation

Mike Sohn
Tuesday , 3rd Nov 2020

On September 25, the "Resource Recycling Act" came into effect and with it, relevant companies' regulatory responses are urgently required. Therefore, companies using plastics and other limited raw materials, especially the food and cosmetics industries, must immediately follow relevant requirements. Otherwise, a fine would be charged according to the regulation.

This webinar will give an overview of the requirements of Korean recycling packaging materials, as well as the compliance guidance and advice for related companies.


지난 2020년 9월 25일 자원재활용법의 개정에 따라 제품 포장재의 재질 및 구조에 대한 규제가 발효되었다. 따라서 이제는 플라스틱 및 기타 제한된 원료를 사용하고 있는 기업들, 특히 식품, 화장품 산업계 등은 당장 관련 규제를 따라야 하며 그렇지 않으면 규정에 따라 벌금 등을 지불해야 한다.

이번 웨비나를 통해 한국 포장재 규제를 자세히 설명하여 관계자들에게 대응 방법을 제시하고자 한다. 


Part 1. Overview of Recycling packaging regulations 

  • Applicable Packaging Material Structure 

  • Resource Recycling law

  • Enforcement Decree of the Resource Recycling Act

  • Enforcement Rules of the Resource Recycling Act

Part 2. Recycling packaging (level) evaluation standard 

  • The latest updates of the packaging material structure evaluation system 

  • Criteria for Evaluation of Packaging Materials 

  • Standard of recycling of packaging materials 

  • Determination of facilitation level of recycling of packaging materials 

Part 3. Recycling packaging (level) evaluation 

  • Applying for evaluation of packaging material structure 

  • Packaging material structure evaluation process 

  • Industry’s compliance examples

  • Q&A 

Who should attend?

  • Chemical, Food, and Cosmetic manufacturers and distributors targeting Korea;  

  • Korean package material entities;   

  • Relevant advisory and service bodies;  

  • Anyone interested in the Korean packaging material requirement. 


Part 1. 포장재 재활용 등 규제 개요

  • 적용 포장재 구조

  • 자원재활용법

  • 자원재활용법 시행령

  • 자원재활용법 시행규정

Part 2.  포장재 재활용 등급 평가

  • 포장재 재활용 등급 평가 시스템 규정 최신 개정안 

  • 포장재 평가 기준

  • 포장재 재활용 등급 평가 기준

  • 포장재 재활용 용이성 등급 정의 

Part 3. 포장재 재활용 등급 평가

  • 포장재 구조 평가 신청

  • 포장재 구조 평가 과정

  • 규제 대응 예시

  • Q&A

Who should attend?

  • 화학, 식품, 화장품 제조 및 유통 기업 중 플라스틱 재질 사용 업체 관계자

  • 포장재 생산 및 수입 업체 관계자   

  • 관련 컨설팅 업계 관계자

  • 포장재 규정에 관심있는 분

  • General Manager at REACH24H KOREA
    Mike is a South Korea market access expert with comprehensive knowledge of South Korea trade policy, laws and regulations in Cosmetic/ Chemical/ Food sectors. He had been a researcher in Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII), an overseas marketer in Won Tech, an RA at Daewoong Pharmaceuticals and worked at Histogenetics. He has been invited as the key speaker for more than 50 times all over the globe. He is acknowledged as a PR Agent of K-Beauty.