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HACCP Operation Regulation for Imported Food
Local Title:
수입식품 안전관리인증기준 운영 규정
South Korea
Competent Authority:
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
In force
Release Date:
Implementation Date:
Applicable Scope:
Aquatic & aquatic products; Alcoholic products; Bakery food; Beverage; Candy products; Condiment; Egg & egg products; Food additive; Food contact materials; Food for special dietary uses; Frozen drinks; Fruits & vegetables; Grain & grain products; Health food; Infant formula food; Meat & meat products; Milk & milk products; Nutrition fortifier; Oil & oil products; Others
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Official HACCP Operation Regulation for Imported Food
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HACCP Operation Regulation for Imported Food

On July 1, 2021, MFDS revealed the HACCP Operation Regulation for Imported Food, detailing the accreditation requirements, procedure, and investigation. Thus, the HACCP supervision system for imported food is initially completed. 

Legislation Timeline of Imported Food HACCP Supervision System

Law Hierarchy

  • Main Act: Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control (Imported Food Act)

  • Enforcement decree: Enforcement Decree of the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control

  • Enforcement rule: Enforcement Rule of the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control

  • Subordinate regulations: Method and Standard of On-site Inspection of Foreign Food Facilities and Foreign Establishments; Registration and Management Standard of Good Importer and Good Foreign Food Facility; Regulation on Registration of Foreign Establishments; Regulations on Inspection of Imported Health Functional Food; Regulation on Inspection of Imported Food, etc.; Food Traceability Management Standard; Food, Food Additives, Livestock Product and Health Functional Food Shelf Life Determination Standard; Regulation on Declaration and Inspections of Imported Livestock Products; HACCP Operation Regulation for Imported Food; Regulation on Permitted Import Countries (Regions) and Sanitation Requirements of Livestock Products