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South Korea Consults on Supporting Rules of HACCP Accreditation

The Foreign Food Facility (FFF) manufacturing Kimchi is proposed to comply with HACCP Accreditation. The procedure of application for HACCP Accreditation is drafted. Grace periods are for certain enterprises are listed.

On November 11, 2020, South Korea published the draft of Enforcement Rule of Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control [1] to solicit public opinions. This exposure draft rolled out supporting rules of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Accreditation for FFF. Stakeholders could submit suggestions to fineapril@korea.kr prior to December 22, 2020.


Foreign Food Facility (FFF):  

“Foreign food facility” is defined as “a facility located abroad where the food exported to S. Korea is produced, manufactured, processed, treated, packaged, or stored, etc." To register a FFF is the first step to export food products to S. Korea.

On April 7, 2020, MFSD (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) initially brought out the HACCP accreditation for FFF by amending the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control [2]. To strengthen the food safety control on imported foods, MFDS abolished the registration system of "Good Foreign Food Facility" and replaced it with a stricter HACCP accreditation mechanism. Following the new requirements, when there is a risk for mixing harmful materials in food, the FFF shall comply with the HACCP criteria [3].

Find more information about HACCP at ChemLinked News: South Korea to Bring in HACCP Accreditation for Foreign Food Facilities [4].

Find more information about FFF registration at ChemLinked Regulation Analysis: Registration of Foreign Food Facilities in South Korea [5]ChemLinked has helped numerous oversea companies in filling the registration of "Foreign Food Facility". Contact us via food@chemlinked.com if you need assistance in facility registration in South Korea.

Main Proposals:

1. Facilities Subject to HACCP Accreditation

Following the superordinate law, MFDS could request the overseas facility to comply with the HACCP criteria when the products are at risk of mixing with hazard materials. The competent authority would certificate the FFF as a HACCP facility after the safety assessment.

According to the draft, MFDS designated the FFF manufacturing Kimchi (a traditional Korean dish made by salted cabbages with a mixture of seasoning) as the first batch of food subject to HACCP. All overseas facilities exporting Kimchi should finish a HACCP accreditation before trading with S. Korea once the draft has been implemented.

ChemLinked Comments:

The HACCP is a mandatory accreditation for local Korean factories producing livestock foods, health functional foods, etc. Although the draft only proposed Kimchi FFF to comply with HACCP, we expect more overseas facilities will be applicable to HACCP eventually. It’s recommended that enterprise pay attention to the regulation updates. Please stay tuned on ChemLinked for more HACCP-related and S.Korean regulatory news updates.

2. Application for HACCP Accreditation

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