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Understanding Food Labeling Requirements in South Korea

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Lorraine Li
Wednesday , 1st Sep 2021

Food labeling is vital. It can help consumers understand the information of the product and prevent them from allergic reactions. In South Korea, food labeling is under supervision from the import declaration to the distribution. Therefore, for food enterprises, correctly providing information on food label is essential. 

In this webinar, ChemLinked will talk about the labeling requirements of general food product, food additive, livestock products, and health functional food (dietary supplement). We will also guide the enterprises to understand the nutrition facts label and sodium content comparison label.

For those who are also interested in understanding food labeling requirements in Japan (CL webinar on Sep. 2, 2021), ChemLinked prepared a special offer package. Stakeholders can email ChemLinked to get access to these two webinars for $159.


1. Background Introduction

  1.1 Law and regulations 

2. Labeling Requirement 

  2.1 Food subject to labeling

  2.2 Labeling requirements 

       2.2.1 Label items 

       2.2.2 Nutrition facts label 

       2.2.3 Sodium content comparison label

  2.3 Prohibited labeling 

  2.4 Substantiation of claims 

3. Latest Labeling Requirement Updates  

4. Q&A

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