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Understanding Food Labeling Requirements in Japan

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Rose Hong
Thursday , 2nd Sep 2021

Food Labeling Law, implemented on April 1st, 2015, was the fundamental law for food labeling in Japan. Part 2 Food Labeling Standards specified the detailed labeling requirements for processed food.

Unqualified label is one of the most commonplace reasons for food import rejection in Japan, which caused huge loss to overseas enterprises. After attending this webinar, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Japan's food labeling regulation. To begin with, the speaker will outline the regulatory framework; then interpret the labeling requirements of processed food with enough cases. The recent food regulation updates will be introduced at the end.

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Part 1 Japan Food Labeling Regulatory Framework

Part 2 Labeling Requirements for Processed Food (Case Study)

Part 3 Recent Regulation Updates

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Rose Hong is an analyst in ChemLinked and focusing on track, research and analysis on laws and regulations on the Food and Cosmetics of Japan. She has published several news and news tickers, especially in those sectors: food safety, food additives, beverages, FCM, and food labeling.