How do international brands develop & operate an e-commerce store in China?

Jocelyn Sun
Tuesday , 23rd Jun 2020

This webinar is packed with content, including an overview of the various platforms frequented by FMCG brands in China to practical advice on how international brands can optimise their online performance, as well as a case study on China's upcoming 618 Shopping Festival.


Part 1 China E-commerce Market Overview

Part 2 How do FMCGs perform in e-commerce?

Part 3 Different Modes of E-commerce Platforms in China

Part 4 Is your brand ready for an e-commerce store?

Part 5 Suggestions

Part 6 Q&A

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  • ChemLinked Brand Strategist
    Jocelyn Sun is a market research analyst working at ChemLinked and mainly focuses on the FMCG industry. She graduated from the Queen Mary University of London with a master's degree in marketing. Extensive experience in attending industrial conferences (China Dairy Products Annual Conference, CIIE, etc.), and having been invited to speak in influential forums (FHC, CBBC, etc.). Through direct dialogues with industrial professionals, Jocelyn has been keeping pace with and possessing an in-depth understanding of new-concept products, especially plant-based protein, FSMP, anxiety relief products.