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Introduction of New Food Additive Registration in China

Daisy Luo
Wednesday , 20th Oct 2021

Food additives act as a significant role in food products. Their existence makes the food product diversified and accelerates the development of food industry. Currently, China has formulated a positive list of food additives, GB2760. However, with the development of food industry, the use scope and amount of existing food additives in the current provisions cannot meet the needs of food innovation and optimization. Therefore, considering food safety and the development of food industry, the competent authorities allow stakeholders to apply for new food additives registration. The new food additive can be used after the administrative review gets approval. If it gets approval, the new food additive can be used.

To help enterprises have an overview of new additive registration, this webinar will introduce the status quo of new food additive approvals and how to apply for the registration of new food additives.


1. Background and use scope for new food additives in China

2. Registration process and flowchart

3. Status quo of new food additives approvals

4. Key requirements of dossiers

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  • Senior Regulatory Analyst
    Ms. Luo has a master of nutrition and food science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining REACH24H as a food regulatory specialist, she was a senior researcher in a factory which is producing infant formula and solid beverage. She has worked in food related field for many years (since 2014), and she has an in-depth study of the Chinese food industry and food related regulations. Especially, infant formula recipe registration and new food additive application are her best projects.