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Prepare for China’s Overseas Food Manufacturers Registration Under New GACC Requirements

Lennie Tao
Friday , 19th Nov 2021

On Apr. 13, 2021, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) issued the new version of “Administrative Provisions on Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Foods”, which will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. It stipulates that all food categories (excluding food additives and food-related products) shall be subject to overseas manufacturer registration. Among them, the overseas manufacturer registration of 18 food categories should be recommended by the competent authority of exporting countries, and enterprises producing other food categories can apply for the registration by themselves or by agents.

In this webinar, Ms. Lennie Tao, the regulatory analyst from ChemLinked, will specify the fundamental food importation requirements in China, introduce the GACC overseas manufacturer registration and give step-by-step instructions for the registration via recommendation from authorities and individual applications respectively.


1. Overview of food importation requirements in China

  • Major compliance duties during food importation

  • Import procedures via general trade

  • New importation requirements worth attention

2. Introduction of GACC overseas manufacturer registration

  • Significance

  • Application scope

  • Precondition for registration

  • Registration method

  • Alteration, renewal, suspension and withdrawal

3. Registration procedures via recommendation from authorities

4. Registration procedures via individual applications

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Lennie Tao is a food regulatory analyst working at ChemLinked. Her broad experience in the food sector in China has afforded her unique insights on key areas, including dairy, infant formula and health food. She is a regular attendee of China special food training forums and has delivered speeches in industry conferences, workshops held by embassies, consulates and agencies (e.g. Usapang Exports held by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry in 2021), etc. Email: