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Regulatory Compliance of Food Labels in the United States

Napoleon Poulos
Tuesday , 22nd Nov 2022

According to the FDA, more than 10,000 registered food facilities in China export to the United States. Chinese Entrepreneurs have a major opportunity to gain exposure and knowledge about the US market and regulations. The FDA has basic labeling requirements and among other regulations. The webinar will focus on several topics around Labels and information that will be required to meet regulatory compliance.



Topic 1: Food Labeling Government Agencies

Topic 2: Labeling Requirements

Topic 3: Ingredient and Allergens Declaration

Topic 4: Food Labeling Claims

Topic 5: Nutrition Labeling



Please feel free to send us questions before, during and/or after this webinar. Presentation deck, recording video and QA document will be uploaded to this web page after this webinar.

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  • Managing Director
    Napoleon is the Managing Director of Magneco LLC, a boutique consulting firm focused on assist food facilities and exporters worldwide to comply with all U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Prior to Magneco, Napoleon worked as a Quality Systems Supervisor at Edlong Corporation. He co-led the IFS and numerous customer audits, as well as evaluated the food safety risk of more than two hundred raw materials that manufactured domestically and internationally. He trained more than 50 employees on critical Food Safety and Quality topics successfully. Napoleon received his integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the Agricultural University of Athens. His thesis is published in the Journal of Food Microbiology. Napoleon received a second master’s degree in Food Safety and Technology from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.