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Alibaba Gateway'17

Date 20-21 Jun, 17
TitleAlibaba Gateway'17
OrganiserAlibaba Group
LocationCobo Center, Detroit, MI


Meet Jack Ma and opportunities in China

It’s never been easier to export to China, for one reason: e-commerce. China spends and shops online more than any other country. Online sales were nearly $900 billion last year, according to eMarketer, representing 18.4 percent of China’s total retail sales, the highest proportion in the world.

Research by BCGand AliResearch, indicates that e-commerce will become an even more important retail channel in the future, driving 42% of total consumption growth, with 90% of that growth coming from mobile e-commerce.

Chinese online shoppers are increasingly purchasing goods directly from overseas merchants selling through online marketplaces such as Alibaba’s Tmall, Tmall Global, and Taobao Global. This trend, called “cross-border e-commerce,” is gathering steam partly due to reduced trade barriers.

China’s cross-border retail e-commerce sales are projected by eMarketer to reach $158 billion by 2020, representing about 4% of global retail e-commerce sales.

At Gateway ‘17 you’ll learn how Alibaba and its partners are making cross-border e-commerce easier and more profitable through innovative, web-based sales, logistics, and digital marketing solutions.

You’ll also hear from experts who will explain the nuances of the Chinese consumer: what they buy, how they shop, and how they are influencing the trends and technologies that will be driving future growth in this fast-growing market.

Further Information

Find more information: http://gateway17.com/