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2021 China Food Consumption and Innovation Trends

2021 China Food Consumption and Innovation Trends

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  • Author:Shine Hu
  • Pages:19
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  • Publish Date:Dec 17, 2020
    Last Updated On:Dec 17, 2020

Food brands may feel that the most challenging thing is not product technological innovation, but to know what products consumers want.

Consumers are increasingly picky about what they eat. They pursue good taste, convenience, safety, quality, health, and nutrition.

Food carries people's pursuit of health, happiness, and even values. Consumers are willing to pay for innovative products that meet their growing needs for convenience, health, and low environmental impacts.

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We have summarized the consumption and innovation trends of China's food market based on the tracking of various brands and products in 2020. These trends represent an important starting point for China's food and beverage market development and innovation in 2021.


1. Concept innovation

2. Category innovation

3. Ingredient innovation

4. Package innovation