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  • China Salt Industry Regulatory Analysis

    •   11 Apr 2018
    •   Erica Cheng
    •   $159

    This report will introduce the regulation of China's salt industry, interpret salt industry reforms, and explain salt import/export procedures.

  • China’s Important Food Regulatory Updates in 2017 (ChemLinked Annual Regulatory Report)

    •   22 Jan 2018
    •   ChemLinked
    •   $219

    2017 witnessed lots of regulatory reform and renewal in China's food industry, including national food standard system, infant formula, health food, food for special medical purpose and food contact materials. This report aims to give you an overview and in-depth analysis on those important updates.

  • Guideline on Complementary Food for Infant and Young Children in China

    •   7 Dec 2017
    •   Yilia Ye (ChemLinked)
    •   $239

    Complementary baby food is a supplement to satisfy infants’ nutrition demands starting from 6 months. According to statistics, 50 million babies need complementary food annually in China. Due to implementation of "two-child” policy in 2016, the baby boom will inevitably boost consumption and precipitate further growth in the complementary food market in China. In order to help you have an in-depth understanding, this article provides a comprehensive look at relevant regulations, compliance requirements, market data and other issues related to complementary baby food in China.

  • Interpretation of Guideline on Identification of Food Contact Materials Used in Household Appliances in China

    •   27 Oct 2017
    •   ChemLinked
    •   $139

    On September 26, 2017, China National Food Industry Association issued a guideline detailing requirements of label identification for food contact materials (FCM) used in household appliances. In order to assit manufacturers have a more comprehensive understandaing of those requirements, this report is to provide an in-depth analysis of that guideline.

  • China Dairy Quality Report-2017

    •   13 Oct 2017
    •   ChemLinked
    •   $299

    Over the past year, China dairy industry, with high-quality and safety as the core goal, has speeded up the innovation and development, consequently achieving the overall stable yield of dairy products and continuously enhanced dairy quality. To summarize the genenral situation, this report collects a series of data and provides an overview of current China dairy industry, including dairy production and consumption, quality and safety, as well as supervision work in China. With the help of this report, you will have an in-depth understanding of China dairy market and supervision trend.