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A Look back at 2020 with ChemLinked: Food Regulation Updates

A Look back at 2020 with ChemLinked: Food Regulation Updates

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  • Publish Date:Jan 14, 2021
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The year 2020 saw many significant regulatory updates in the Asia-Pacific region. In China drafts of several significant food regulations were released, such as the “Administrative Measures for Imported and Exported Foods Safety”, and “China Food Labeling Supervision Administrative Measures”. It is noteworthy that the regulation framework of health food in China was further completed and the administration is improved as well; in South Korea, the regulations of health functional food were updated and more novel food types were subject to supervision. New food labeling mechanism came into effect in Japan this year, and the FCM positive lists was also implemented.

Global food stakeholders need to stay vigilant so as to cope with frequent regulatory changes, effectively address compliance challenges, and aim for great success while shouldering their social responsibilities. This report aims to provide an overview of revised and emerging food regulations in the Asia-Pacific region over the year and educate our clients on key regulatory points.


Session 1 China

1. Macro-environment of China’s food importation

1.1 RCEP

1.2 dual circulation policy

1.3 CIIE

1.4 trade relationship (Sino-US, Sino-Australian)

1.5 CBEC

2. Import performance

2.1 2020 import volume/value

2.2 import rejection

3. Regulations, GB standards and drafts unveiled in 2020

3.1 list of regulations and GB standards published/under consultation

3.2 impact on food industry (eg. label, import supervision)

4. Dairy products

4.1 product standards updates 

5. Baby food

5.1 infant formula

5.2 complementary baby food

6. Health food

6.1 imported food filing status quo

6.2 health food registration

6.3 health food raw materials

6.4 functions

6.5 technical evaluation

7. FSMP 

7.1 registration status quo

8. Food ingredients

8.1 food ingredients (including food additives) newly approved

8.2 food ingredients (including food additives) under consultation

8.3 substances used as both food and chinese medicine

9. FCM 

9.1 food related products newly approved/under consultation

9.2 product standards (printing ink, paper products, feeding bottles, etc.)  

10. Significant updates in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan 

Session 2 Pan Asia

South Korea 

1.     Key regulations and drafts unveiled in 2020 

2.     The revision to HACCP certification

3.     Food raw materials and food additives

4.     Health functional food

5.     FSMP

6.     The elderly food

7.     Package

8.     Regulation trend


1.     FCM regulation updates

2.     Dairy products

3.     Label

4.     Food additives 

5.     Pesticide residue 

Significant regulatory updates in Southeast Asia

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