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Health Functional Food Regulatory Requirements in South Korea

Health Functional Food Regulatory Requirements in South Korea

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  • Author:ChemLinked
  • Pages:36
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Nov 22, 2022
    Last Updated On:Nov 22, 2022

This report comprehensively introduces the health functional food requirements in South Korea, including ingredient compliance, labelling requirements, import procedure, etc. 



Part 1 General Introduction

Part 2 Competent Authority

Part 3 Law and Regulations

3.1 Health Functional Food Legal Framework

3.2 Other Laws

Part 4 Food Raw Materials

4.1 Materials in HFF

4.2 Functional Materials in HFF

      4.2.1 Noticed Ingredients

      4.2.2 Individually Recognized Ingredients

      4.2.3 Application for Individually Recognized Ingredients

      4.2.4 Safety Information and Effectiveness Information

4.3 Prohibited Ingredients

Part 5 Labeling Requirements

5.1 Label Items

5.2 Nutrition Information

5.3 Function Information

Part 6 Import Procedure

6.1 Registration of Foreign Food Facility

6.2 HACCP Accreditation

6.3 Import Declaration

6.4 Import Inspections